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Use the ASTM documents as often as you wish. No Restrictions. Unlimited simultaneous users. No-one will ever be blocked out – instant desk top access. Multi Lingual Searching. 10 languages and more coming … Always up to Date. Updated daily with new and updated information.

Prepare for ACI Certifications: Online Training Options

The CRMCA offers member companies and their employees FREE access to ASTM Standards and several eLearning training courses. We highly recommend the use of the eLearning courses for individuals planning to complete the ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician Grade I Certification.

The eLearning courses are supplementary study options for ACI Certifications and other professionals wishing for additional knowledge. ASTM’s online training provides industry leading, self-guided computer-based training for QA/QC technicians in the construction industry. Training modules include video demonstrations, checklists, glossary of terms, concept presentations, and knowledge-assessment quizzes. These modules were created by a collaboration of ASTM and ACI directly making them the most accurate tools for concrete standard training.

Free access to the CRMCA Custom Collection of Standards through the ASTM Compass is for the direct use of CRMCA Members. For access, you must login to the “Members Only” section of the CRMCA website. If you do not have a login, you must be registered by a CRMCA staff member or company manager to be connected to an existing member company profile. Once this process is complete, a login through the ASTM Compass will need to be created.

ASTM Custom Collection of Standards and eLearning Courses

The CRMCA has provided access to the following Standards through the ASTM Compass:

C31* C94 C173* D5971
C33 C138* C231* D6023
C39 C143* C1064*
C42 C150 C1077
C78 C172* D4832

*CRMCA members have access to the eLearning Courses for the above Standards.

Additional Standards will be included as interest by CRMCA membership increases. If you have comments/questions, difficulty accessing the above link, or viewing the designated ASTM Standards, please contact JT Mesite at

ASTM Compass Access Guide – Free Resource for Members

Use the Access Guide to get instructions on how to access the ASTM portal for FREE as a CRMCA member – including municipalities as well as state and federal agencies.