Concrete: The Sustainable Solution

Concrete: The Sustainable Solution

CRMCA, in partnership with NRMCA, has developed a Ready-To-Use educational flyer to assist in promoting the benefits of building with concrete. The resources included are targeted to architects, engineers, design professionals, contractors, project owners, and anyone else interested in making the best choice for their upcoming project.

We are constantly rising to the challenge of educating the building community on the benefits of the concrete industry. This document will help YOU outline to anyone who may not know that concrete can be the most cost effective, sustainable, durable, and energy efficient building material.

Concrete Keeps Costs Low.

  • 5 Key Elements to Maximizing Your Budget
  • Concrete Reduces Energy and Overall Lifecyle Costs by up to 20% while prioritizing beauty and innovation in building plans.
  • Concrete outperforms when it comes to Long Term Value.

Concrete Absorbs Atmospheric Carbon. Forever.

  • Recent sustainability messaging for the wood industry claims Cross-Laminated Timber (CTL) is better for the environment than concrete, but the facts disagree…Fact Check that here.
  • Over the life of a building, concrete has a lower environmental impact through reduced CO2 emissions than CTL.
  • Choosing concrete mitigates the effects of deforestation and concrete’s thermal mass reduces temperature swings in buildings and conserves energy.

Concrete Saves Lives.

  • Unlike softwood lumber, concrete will not burn. It can take on temperatures over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit and can withstand explosions.
  • MIT has done the research. Using resilient building techniques up front, which includes quality materials like concrete, is an important step in preventing disaster-before a storm strikes. This is called Hazard Mitigation.

Concrete Delivers Unrivaled Energy Performance.

Please visit the CRMCA Build With Strength webpage for more resources as you discuss the benefits of building with concrete in Colorado! Contact Emma Dolan for ways to plug-in to the Build With Strength Colorado Task Force.