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ACI Participants at the CDOT facilities.

Mission Statement

The mission of the CRMCA Technical Committee is to continuously improve the basic and innovative concrete technologies in Colorado. The objectives are to provide oversight and guidance in the areas of education and research, technical support, and specifications, ACI and other industry related certifications, partnership with CDOT and to assist other  committees or groups to accomplish objectives for the betterment of the Colorado ready mixed industry.”

Pre-Construction Checklist

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Technical Committee Overview

The Technical Committee is designed to be an advisory board of the mission statement.  In order to support the Technical Committee’s mission, the Committee has created three sub-committees with chairs:

Specification & Research: Rick Wheeler, Cemex

Work with agencies and engineering firms to improve/modify specifications, and provide technical support to the ready mixed concrete industry

ACI/Certifications: JT Mesite, CRMCA

Assist with support and enhancement of ACI Certification offerings and training.

CDOT Partnership: Eric Prieve, Colorado Department of Transportation

Interact with CDOT to ensure strong working relationship and common initiatives like training, specifications, and testing procedures.