ACI Certifications Continuing in 2023 Across Colorado

Every year, the ACI certifications in Colorado are consistently full of both first-time and recertifying examinees. This year has been no different, and next year, in 2023, the CRMCA continues to offer ACI certifications across the State.

  • A total of 60 ACI certification sessions are scheduled in 2023, thirteen (13) of which are outside the Denver Metro area.
  • Up to 30 examinees, depending on the certification, can register for each session.
  • Certifications open for registration include:
    • Concrete Field Testing Technician Grade 1
    • TRAINING for Concrete Field Testing Technician (see below)
    • Concrete Strength Testing Technician
    • Aggregate Testing Technician – Level 1 and Level 2
    • Concrete Laboratory Testing Technician – Level 2
    • Aggregate/Soils Base Testing Technician
    • Self-Consolidating Concrete Testing Technician
    • Concrete Flatwork Associate (Advanced Finisher with Work Experience Form)
  • Other ACI certifications available on an individual basis, depending on demand.
  • Supplemental Examiners (SEs) are ALWAYS needed! Email me at to be added to the distribution list for volunteer requests for certification sessions. Read more about SE’s here.

Training and Reference for the ACI Field Concrete Testing Technician Certification

Field concrete testing requires accredited certifications as per project and regional specification. To prepare for these certifications and continue to be up-to-speed on requirements of concrete testing, the CRMCA provides different avenues to assist members and their employees

  • Training for ACI Field Concrete Testing Technician Grade I
    • Throughout the year, multiple opportunities for learning the procedures and getting hands-on experience with the equipment for field concrete testing is offered. These training days include not only how to perform the tests but also why these tests are important.
    • The training courses are free for CRMCA members and provide a great opportunity for not just new employees, but also experienced personnel to get a refresher course on the procedures.
  • Concrete Testing Preparation Videos
    • The CRMCA has created multiple preparation videos to assist individuals in details of concrete procedures. These videos are produces with the assistance of CRMCA members and published on YouTube.
    • These videos are meant to assist in training and understanding of the procedures presented. The continued development of these videos will continue to improve the consistency of field and laboratory testing in Colorado, surrounding regions, and globally.

JT Mesite, P.E.
Program Manager


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