Concrete Feature in Colorado Construction & Design Magazine

Concrete Feature in Colorado Construction & Design Magazine

I am excited to share the recent Concrete Feature in Colorado Construction and Design magazine (CCD)!

This year, Build With Strength Colorado partnered with CCD magazine to increase the reach of BWS educational and promotional efforts to the Colorado Architect, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) community. This partnership with CCD magazine is a great step forward for the BWS communication goals!

Thanks to Build With Strength Colorado’s Environmental and Advocacy Task Force for spearheading this initiative. I especially want to recognize Erin Kunkel (Martin Marietta) for her involvement and contribution to the “Cementing a Future with Lower Embodied Carbon Emissions” article. Check out the following articles in the Fall 2021 Concrete Feature – beginning on page 36:

  • Building Green with the Concrete Design Center
  • Cementing a Future with Lower Embodied Carbon Emissions
  • The Business Case for Building with Insulating Concrete Forms
  • ICFs: The Concrete Choice for Affordable Housing

Additionally, thank you to the following members for advertising in the feature:

This is just the beginning! CRMCA’s involvement CCD continues with a regular Build With Strength column in every magazine. CCD is Colorado’s leading construction and news marketing magazine, engaging top commercial real estate owners, general contractors, land developers, government agencies, economic development officials and AEC industry leaders across the state. Consider becoming a regular advertiser with CCD – access the 2022 Media Kit! 

Please contact me with any questions. Thanks again to our members for their support of the Build With Strength Colorado initiative.

Emma Dolan, Program Coordinator