CRMCA Technical Resource Library: What’s New in 2023?

The CRMCA Technical Committee has been busy working to develop updated resources as we look to 2023. As it is a new year, I want to emphasize some reference documents that can be useful to you and your employees and remind you of the way to get involved with the Technical Committee. These references include improvements in partnership with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), quick reference guides created for the concrete industry, and online educational instructional videos.

CP-65 Proposed Revisions

The Colorado Procedure 65-19 (CP-65) references evaluating low strength concrete using cast and cured specimens or cored specimens. The procedure was last revised in 2019, though significant clarification was still needed. Through the efforts of the CRMCA Technical Committee, revisions for CP-65 have been proposed to CDOT for approval including:

  • Clear definitions for team members, curing requirements, and coring limitations.
  • Corrections and clarifications for descriptions and calculations
  • Additions for improvement and consistency

As CDOT reviews the changes proposed in 2023, the Colorado Procedure will be updated for future state projects and the CRMCA will continue update our members. Additional input from our CRMCA members is welcome.

Quick-reference Guides for Colorado concrete project team members to assist in a clean running project in addition best practices and understanding in concrete placement and finishing.

Online ASTM Testing Procedure

Presentations on highly interesting topics through the years.

Most of this information and other educational information can be accessed through the CRMCA Technical Resources webpage. These references are only available because of the teamwork and commitment of the CRMCA Market and Technical Committee members that continue to share their collective knowledge in the industry.

If you have any comments or questions, please reach out to me via email at or by phone at (720) 272-6592.

JT Mesite, P.E.
Program Manager


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