July 2019 President’s Blog

July 2019 President’s Blog

CRMCA & CSSGA Boards of Directors at the 2018 Summer Conference

I hope you are all enjoying the warm beautiful Colorado weather. I am looking forward to seeing many of you in Steamboat Springs later this month for the Summer Conference, I want to thank in advance all of those who work so hard to make these events such a great success. We have a lot going on inside of our Build with Strength (BWS) efforts and in working with CDOT around the Super Air Meter (SAM).

Let us run you through a quick update of our BWS efforts:

  1. ICF Task Force: This group is coordinating the “Build with ICF Townhall,” a first of its kind in the country to bring together manufacturers, suppliers, and contractors to build a stronger state coalition and get more contractors on board to be able to bid and construct upcoming projects.
  2. Leads Task Force: This group is working to generate a pipeline of significant leads to convert wood framed mid-story buildings to concrete. They are scheduling Lunch & Learns with architects/engineers. They are also meeting with developers, owners, and owners’ reps to submit their current plans to the NRMCA’s free Design Center for a conversion of their building’s drawings to a concrete building.
  3. Schools Task Force: This group has a meeting set with the Denver Public Schools and has collected critical information about the benefits of ICF schools around the country and in Colorado. This will help get concrete to the table early in the process with all the long-term benefits.

CDOT has also been pursuing some significant changes to their specifications and the potential use of the Super Air Meter (SAM). Todd, JT and many of our members have been very involved in this process as these kinds of changes can have huge ripple impacts on our industry. Through this, team work and input we are starting to see a more cautious approach to these potential changes. This will give everyone involved a much better ability to gather proper data and draw thorough conclusions.

As always, please look at where you might be able to dedicate some time from someone in your organization. Call CRMCA to get them involved and use this link to access the Committee Job Descriptions to see what is needed and who could plug in from your organization. Thank you for everything you do to make our association great!

Dana Rotkovich

CRMCA Board President

Sales Manager / Burnco Colorado