March 2019 President’s Blog

March 2019 President’s Blog

Spring is in the air after a bit of a harsh close to winter this year. I’m sure you are all looking forward to warmer temperatures and the speed of things picking up. We have a very interesting year ahead of us full of new opportunities and looming struggles. It is in the crux of these moments, where we are often brought together, torn apart, or forged into something stronger and better. I for one believe in the heart of our association, the members and our staff will lead us forward. There is a lot happening at the Capitol right now and I strongly encourage you to pay close attention to everything happening. If there are calls to action or opportunities to speak/email legislators about important issues, please make sure you do so. We must pull together on the issues and make sure our voice is heard.

We have a lot of great things going on inside of the CRMCA and especially with our Build with Strength (BWS) efforts. I would like to again ask if your company has not yet joined the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, please make sure you get this done in the next month. You don’t need to have your business in Denver to join, and anyone in the front range area should join. You can fill out an interest form at, call 303.534.8500, or email It only cost $500 for the basic Bronze level and this will be enough for the basic needs of the BWS campaign as we get ready to look to change the code on the wood framing epidemic. Please do this right away.

We had an amazing time at the 1st annual CRMCRA/CSSGA Winter Retreat and I encourage you all to attend next year as it was a great time. During the retreat we had our first ever Joint Market Committee meeting with the Southern, Central, and Western Slope regions all represented at the meeting. This joint meeting allowed us to discuss where we have been and how to ramp up the future efforts with BWS. We have made some significant changes in each of the regions. We have broken into 3 tasks forces:

  1. ICF Task Force: This group is looking to make sure we have enough contractors through the ICF distributors to be able to handle the business we are working to create. They are working to pull together a meeting to with the ICF distributors this year.
  2. Leads Task Force: This group is working to generate significant leads to convert wood framed mid-story building to concrete. This is done through contacting and meeting with developers, owners, and owners reps to submit their current plans to the NRMCA’s free design center to convert their building drawings to a concrete building.
  3. Schools Task Force: This group is working to meet with school district building departments and construction teams to discuss building with concrete. This will help get concrete to the table early in the process with all the long-term benefits.

All this work will culminate in an event in Denver showcasing the benefits of ICF construction as a kick off event. We are planning on having people from the builders, developers, owner, schools, architects, and engineers attend the event. NRMCA will put on the event and the CRMCA will host the event and have created the relationships to have these influential people be in attendance.

We have real needs for more people to be involved and help. Please look at where you might be able to dedicate someone in your organization this coming year and call CRMCA to get them involved. Use this link to access the Committee Job Descriptions to see what is needed and who could plug in from your organization.  Thank you for everything you do to make our association great!

Dana Rotkovich

CRMCA Board President

Sales Manager / Bestway Concrete & Aggregate