October 2018 Executive Director Blog

October 2018 Executive Director Blog

Welcome to the blog for October, 2018.  You may be getting tired of hearing about the political campaign rhetoric, but I have to make 1 final push for Proposition 110!  We as an industry have spent a significant amount of money and time on this, and we can’t let up.  The list of supporters and sponsors across the state is unprecedented!  Remember, all we need is a simple majority, so 50% + 1 vote will get us there.  Every vote is significant.  So if you only vote for 1 item, vote YES ON 110.

We need you help to drive the GOTV (Get Out the Vote) portion on the home stretch.  Below is a GOTV tool kit we are asking for your help to circulate to as many people as possible. Your employees, friends, family, everyone in your email contacts.

Included in the kit are:

  1. Sample Email for people  to send out to their friends and family. This is important as it is am email from you, not just one forwarded from others. 
  2. A frequently asked questions regarding voter registrationRead this over and send out.  People can still register!!!
  3. Three quick and easy steps to voting YES on 110!

Employees, friends and family are important allies in this effort to pass 110. They trust you as you are in the industry and we need to provide guidance to them.  Let’s Make This Happen.  It will be something to be proud of!!!