Updates to CRMCA ACI Certification Program

CRMCA is making some changes to the Supplemental Examiner Program and payment options for ACI registrations in 2023.


CRMCA Supplemental Examiner Points (SEP) Program. 

The Supplemental Examiner Points Program has been reorganized to provide easier tracking by CRMCA staff and member companies. The following provides the current policy for Supplemental Examiner Point (SEP) collection and administration.

One (1) SEP (previously called Proctor Credits) is awarded to the Member company for each session per individual SE representing the company. SEPs will solely be applied to the Member company represented by the SE at each ACI certification session. SEPs can only be redeemed for registration of employees at future ACI certification dates. The following certifications are available for SEPs redemption:

·       Concrete Field Testing Technician Grade I – Three (3) SEPs

·       Concrete Strength Testing Technician – Three (3) SEPs

·       Aggregate Testing Technician Level 1 – Four (4) SEPs

Enough SEPs must be available to redeem a certification registration. Partial use of SEPs for registrations, outstanding balance, or non-ACI registrations such as association events is not allowed. Other situations not listed will be evaluated individually by the ACI Administrator.

Proctor Credits collected prior to January 1, 2023 are still valid and will be automatically transferred to SEPs. The transferred SEP expiration will not be extended from the original date. One (1) SEP will be granted for every $150 of Proctor Credit on file.

A representative from the member company must contact Nicole Aganon (nicole@coloradocaa.org) to request the application of SEPs to any session. All credits will expire 24 months after acquisition.

Click Here to read the Requirements for all supplemental examiners. 


Credit Card Only Payments.

Additionally, We have made changes within our systems on how we will handle ACI certification registration payments moving forward.

We will now only accept credit card payments at the time of registration.

If you are using SEPs, please contact Nicole at nicole@coloradocaa.org with the following information to get registered:

Exam type and date

Registrant Full name

Company name and full address

Phone number

Email address

Full Exam: First time or Recertification?

Retest? Written or Performance


Contact Info:

JT Mesite


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