Future Construction Managers and Engineers Learn the Basics of Field Concrete Testing

The Colorado Ready Mixed Concrete Association (CRMCA) administers certifications to almost a thousand industry employees through the American Concrete Institute (ACI) each year. The first certification acquired by most individuals in the industry is the Concrete Field Testing Technician Grade 1 certification. This certification demonstrates the knowledge and ability to properly perform and record the results of seven basic field tests on freshly mixed concrete. These tests are performed regularly on construction projects around the world.

To better the future of the industry, the CRMCA has been providing free Field 1 Certifications for Civil Engineering and Construction Management students since 2017 when the ACI-Student Partnership was developed. Through this partnership, students gain experience and training before graduation or entering the industry workforce with their first certification at no cost to them. The partnership hopes to give students a significant advantage in career opportunities as construction and engineering firms regard professional certifications highly.

Since the Student Partnership inception, upwards of 100 students annually are given the chance to obtain the Concrete Field Testing Technician Grade 1 certification from the Colorado State University (CSU). The students are from both the Civil Engineering and Construction Management programs at the university. During a two-week long program, undergraduate students are exposed to the procedures, why the procedures are important, learn key knowledge in performing the procedures, and then complete the certification exam.

A total of 88 students from the Civil Engineering and Construction Management courses were educated using hands-on demonstrations and practice with real concrete provided by Loveland Ready Mix. For all of the students, the CRMCA provided opportunities to complete the exam and acquire their first certification in the concrete industry. The Student Partnership gives these students a chance to receive the ACI certification and be prepared for a successful career.

Thank you to CSU Professors Rebecca Atadero, Nicole Ellison, and Nicole Dufalla, and of course to all of the Civil Engineering and Construction Management students for being enthusiastic and showing so much interest in concrete materials! We look forward to another successful partnership in 2023.


We would also like to thank the CRMCA member companies that volunteered this year:

  • Ground Engineering Consultants, Inc.
  • Loveland Ready-Mix Concrete, Inc.
  • Yeh and Associates, Inc.
  • Rick Wheeler

If you are interested in helping during our Student Partnerships at CSU in Ft. Collins, during our other Student Partnerships at CSU-Pueblo, or Aims Community College, or even helping at the regular ACI certification session, please contact me at jt@coloradocaa.org to get involved!


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