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2503, 2020

Webinar – Please Return to Your Home: Managing Mining and Business Activities Under Shifting Agency Guidelines

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In an effort to help CSSGA/CRMCA members better navigate this changing landscape, Karl Kumli, an associate attorney with the Workplace Health and Safety Group at the law firm of Jackson Kelly PLLC will be presenting a one hour update on the current and expected regulation impacting employers as a result of coronavirus.

2101, 2020

2020 Leadership Training: Emotional Intelligence – POSTPONED

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This March 17, 2020 class offers participants the opportunity to focus on essential elements that lead to the building or erosion of effective relationships and subsequent outcomes. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is much more than understanding and naming your emotions. It is a model rooted in years of proven neuroscience research that reveals ways to deliberately and intentionally utilize your emotions as actual data to create optimal results in professional and personal relationships.